How Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Training Effects Weight Loss

When devising a weight loss plan many take a hard look at the foods they eat and how often they move their bodies. Understanding that physical exercise and engaging in frequent activity will aid in increasing weight loss, those seeking to lose weight are no strangers to exercise regimens. While exercise is widely accepted as a requirement to losing weight, the type of physical activity needed to achieve specific goals are often overlooked. With such a varied selection of exercise options it is important for those with sustained weight loss…

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15 Effective Weight Loss Tips for Daily Maintenance

weight loss tips

While there are many effective ways to maintain weight loss, the most effective strategies include those which are applicable to daily life. Since losing weight, and keeping it off, requires dedication and action, it is important to create a practical routine that can be easily followed for long term success. Below are 15 tips that are not only effective in assisting in losing weight and maintaining such weight loss but they can also be implemented in daily life making the journey to a healthier life simpler to achieve.  1. Stop…

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