Foods you can eat on keto diet

keto diet meals

Obesity and weight control are some of the major controversies since time immemorial. Some people go on extreme dieting; others starve themselves while others use the relevant nutritional channels to achieve a cut on weight. Although the keto diet has been there for about 100 years, it has started gaining popularity in recent times. This diet focuses on foods rich in fats, negligible to no carbohydrates at all, and a few proteins. Such foods include the following: Seafood and Fish Protein is an essential nutrient in a keto diet. An…

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Is Keto Diet Dangerous?

Keto diet is increasingly becoming popular and gaining a lot of attention worldwide. It is a well known weight loss diet which utilises body’s natural fat-burning mechanism. ‘Keto’ in keto diet stands for ‘ketogenic’, meaning a diet which is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Research findings indicate that keto diet helps to lose weight quickly and improve one’s overall health. Keto diet works by reducing carbohydrate content in the diet and replacing it with fat. The principle of this diet is that the lack of carbohydrates stimulates the…

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Vegan diet for beginners

vegan diet

The vegan movement has soared in the past few years, with more and more young people especially who are becoming aware of the detriments of a meat-based diet. A contributing factor to climate change and not to mention the treatment of animals in the industry, these are just some of the reasons why people have converted. However, it’s not just your own personal philosophy that needs to change; a vegan diet can be hard for beginners and if not done right you will find yourself wanting to revert back to…

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Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding

vegan bodybuilding

Can veganism and bodybuilding go together?  It’s a question that has foxed many people.   The question is not without basis: eliminating an entire food group may lead to many nutritional deficiencies that could potentially impede the bodybuilding process.  But a carefully formulated vegan diet for bodybuilding can address the problem of nutritional deficiency by increasing the intake of certain alternative food products. What is veganism?   In recent years, more and more people are shifting to a plant-based diet inspired by reasons such as health benefits, prevention of animal cruelty, and…

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Everything You Need to Know About Atkins Diet Plan

Atkins diet plan is a simple low carb diet plan based on share control and having a specific amount of carbs per day. If you have few pounds to lose, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or need a broader variety of food choices from the first day of your diet, the Atkins diet plan could be an excellent fit for you. With Atkins, you can enjoy a variety of food that you choose from. From protein and veggies to pasta and potatoes, there is an extended list of food to shape your meals…

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