Sean Murray: A Weight Loss Journey worth Replicating

sean murray weight loss

For most fans, Sean Murray is proof that weight loss journeys do work. They have literally watched him shed weight on their screens throughout the many episodes of NCIS. Murray rose to fame in the 90s when he starred in Hocus Pocus. He continued with the role for a while before securing a position on NCIS in 2003. While most fans claim that his weight loss journey was drastic, the observant ones can see how it happened gradually. “You can actually see me gradually lose the weight over the 24…

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Dan Steven’s Weight Loss

dan stevens weight loss

Remember the sweet, nice, chubby-cheeked character from that British period drama? Yeah, the one from Downton Abbey? Does that ring a bell? Yeah, Matthew Crawley; that one! Dan Steven, yes! Well, if you remember him, you might also know that he doesn’t exactly look the same anymore. Why, you ask? Well, that is because he lost a considerable amount of weight after he quit the show. The actor, in British terms, joked that he lost about two or three chins. A few months after he’d lost weight, he revealed that…

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