Delta Burke is an American television actress and movie star who was popular for her role as  Suzanne Sugarbaker in the CBS sitcom Designing Women (1986-93), for which she was nominated for two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Her other television work include Filthy Rich (1982-83), Delta ( 1992-93), Women of the House (1995) and DAG (2000-01). She also has starred in Broadway productions of Thoroughly Modern Millie(2003) and Steel Magnolias (2005).

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Why did Delta Burke lose weight?


Delta Burke stepped into the industry after she won the 1974 Miss Florida title and went on to represent Florida in Miss America pageant. Burke had always dreamt of being an actress and that she did with her continuous efforts and hard work.

Sadly her efforts to look slim and sexy turned out to be villainous to her weight and health, leading to massive weight gains to the point that she had to quit the show and her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker. The actress was close to 215 pounds, slightly on the heavier side when she had to leave the show.

Her health was going downhill, to which the added misery of the death of her pet dog and her own and mother’s breast cancer battles took a toll on her mental as well physical health. She wanted to come out of it by focussing her energy to create a plus-sized women friendly clothing line, but once again her health condition stopped her from doing so.

On being diagnosed with diabetes she says,” I was on the road a lot. I was tired. My body didn’t feel right. I knew something was wrong, but nobody could tell me what. They said I had Epstein-Barr. I knew it was something else. Then one doctor did the right tests and told me I had diabetes”

Delta decided to take charge of her health, consulted her physician and started a new, health diet and workout routine with the assistance of her doctor since she was diagnosed with Diabetes, her diet and workout routines needed to go through her physician first. She was able to cut down close to 20 pounds for which she thanks her actor husband Gerald McRaney for helping her stay focussed throughout the process. About which she says, “He’s been great. It didn’t matter to him how fat I got. He reminds me of what I should be doing or shouldn’t be eating. He likes to give me my shots and says it makes him feel like he’s taking care of me.”

Later on her doctor had warned about how she had to further reduce her weight else she’ll have to be insulin-dependent the rest of her life. This worried her tremendously, and she began creating a diet plan for herself, tracked blood sugar rates, and regularly checked them, as she took steps to achieve weight loss, she was able to shed 65 pounds following this.

Right from when she had to quit the show due to medical issues, the media had been anything but kind to the actress criticizing her weight gain. This made her more determined to get out of her little bubble and battled like a true warrior , fighting against the critics of the media, battling cancer, weight loss, diabetes. She says “I’ve bounced back from it all.”

The 64 years old actress dropped to 150 pounds and drove the national Byetta which is a an anti-diabetic medication. 

The goal: to help spread the message that awareness and interaction are the keys to helping people control their diabetes. She notes it’s just about inspiring people to continue thinking. “You have to learn about what’s going on with you.”

Weight loss helped with Delta Burke’s diabetes


Talking about how Byetta helped with her diabetes and helping her being herself, delta says: Being on Byetta helps because it suppresses my appetite. With Byetta, I can eat foods I like, but not all at once. I go through phases where I really want macaroni and cheese or sweets. Then Mom makes me sugar-free gelatine. That or some fruit is my little treat”.

Delta also highlights the importance of finding the right professional to guide you through your health issues and recovery journey.She notes there is many stuff you’ve got to do, and it’s a lot of digging, so it can be tiring, and you just have to stick with it.

Delta Burke concludes by saying “My mom’s healthy and my husband’s healthy. I feel good, and I know I’ll get better and better,” Delta says. “To me, it’s a time of celebration.”

If Delta’s journey isn’t something that inspires you, I am not sure anything will. Tons of respect for Delta for having picked herself up and faced life with all of its ups and downs. You do you Delta!

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