EVERYTHING Keto At Trader Joe’s In 2021

Trader Joe’s will be releasing items alluding to the keto diet in 2021.

Back in January, the world of restaurants and grocery store chains were abuzz with the news that the popular grocery chain, Trader Joe’s is currently testing the waters what “keto friendly” means. If the test is successful, they are expected to offer keto-friendly items such as cheeses, snack bars, and sauces with the goal of making keto-friendly eating easier for all.

Keto is all the rage right now, but you don’t have to go to the grocery store to experience keto. Trader Joe’s has a list of over 200 keto-friendly foods that you can buy online (and pick up in store!), to make low carb shopping easier. Here are the top 50 (according to the New York Times) to help you ease into keto.

We have our go-to grocery shops for anything keto, and one of them is Trader Joe’s. From low-carb drinks to delectable snacks and sides, the shop offers keto products that we can’t get anyplace else. Before your next keto shopping trip, see what we purchase for keto at Trader Joe’s. 

trader joes sign outside of store on a busy street

There’s a high possibility you’ll discover a bargain on a product that’s normally very costly at Trader Joe’s. It may seem that the keto diet necessitates the purchase of difficult-to-find, expensive products, which is why we’re here to teach you what to buy and what not to buy at Trader Joe’s. 

Trader Joe’s may not have bulk quantities like Costco or all of the keto specialized products like Whole Foods, but they do have reasonable pricing for our family’s budget and provide unique TJ goodies available exclusively at their stores. It’s well worth the extra effort!

What to Buy at Trader Joe’s If You’re Keto

1. Oils and Fats

To prevent excessive processing, we use cold-pressed, extra virgin, or unrefined oils while searching for oils. Eating oils in their purest form guarantees that the health advantages and tastes remain intact, and that you are not eating anything that has been tampered with throughout the production process. 

  • Olive Oil Extra Virgin 
  • Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed and Unrefined 
  • Kerry Gold Butter is a high-quality butter produced in Kerry 

extra virgin olive oil in a dark bottle at trader joesOlive oil should always be found in dark bottles. This minimizes the quantity of light that comes into touch with the oil, prolonging its quality and freshness.

2. Beef from Grass-Fed Cows 

When it comes to protein, grass-fed beef is the greatest choice, but it isn’t required. It has a healthier omega-fatty acid ratio than traditionally grown beef, and it may also be beneficial for the environment. Although it is the more costly choice, Trader Joe’s offers the best deal on grass-fed ground beef. 

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3. Nuts and Seeds for Keto 

There’s no better location to get keto-friendly nuts and seeds than here. All of our favorites are available at Trader Joe’s at a reasonable price. We adore nuts and seeds as road trip snacks and use them in a variety of gluten-free keto dishes. 

4. On-the-Go Meats that have already been cooked

One of the most difficult aspects of following a ketogenic diet is always having low-carb choices readily hand. You won’t be able to locate high fat, high protein meals everywhere, as you can with high sugar choices. When you’re in a rush and need to make a fast dinner, Trader Joe’s offers some excellent on-the-go keto meat choices to keep in your fridge. 

  • Pre-Cooked Grilled Chicken from Just Chicken 
  • One of our favorite keto snacks is Ciao Pepperoni Slices.
  • Hard Salami from Columbus 
  • Simply heat and serve pre-cooked pork belly! 

5. Keto Snack Bars 

Trader Joe’s has just a few low-carb bar choices, but they do offer a lot of varieties to pick from. They sell Quest Protein bars, which are low in carbohydrates, as well as Power Crunch bars, which are heavier in carbs but not as rich in fiber. Check out our keto protein bar guide for additional information on our favorites! 

Cheese is number six. 

Trader Joe’s is a cheese lover’s paradise. Make a night of it by spending some time carefully selecting a few speciality cheeses. Make a keto cheese board with sliced meats and olives and you’ve got yourself a tasty date night at home. 1000 Day Aged Gouda and Creamy Tuscano are two of our favorites. 

7. Bacon Scraps and Ends 

In our home, bacon is a must-have, and the fattier the better. Uncured Ends and Pieces of Bacon are available at Trader Joe’s and are high in fat and ideal for the keto diet. We use bacon in a lot of our dishes. 

bacon ends and pieces in bulk at the freezer section of trader joes

8. Keto Snacks That Are Gluten-Free 

In the snack area, Trader Joe’s has you covered. Matt like their Kalamata Olives and salami, while Megha prefers to create fat bombs at home with their Sunflower Seed Butter. Of course, their nut and seed variety makes for excellent snacks, and a Quest bar is always a good choice.

9. Organic Spinach, Frozen 

We don’t go all out when it comes to purchasing organic, but we do when it comes to spinach since it’s one of the most pesticide-prone crops. For keto meal prep, we use it in Keto Green Smoothies or in our Breakfast Casserole.  

10. Fish and seafood 

Because we want to enjoy all of the cognitive advantages of omega 3 fatty acids, we’re constantly striving to include more seafood into our keto diet. 

Salmon that has been smoked 

As a fatty snack, we enjoy Trader Joe’s Smoked Salmon. The macros are ideal for keto, and if you like salmon, the smoky version will be a hit. 

Burgers made with Mahi Mahi 

These Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi Burgers are delicious and easy when served with garlic aioli. They’re in the frozen food area, and you can get them anytime you need a fast dinner or a seafood fix.

mahi mahi burgers at trader joes are a great option for a keto diet

Wild Caught Frozen Fish

We have fish for supper every now and again, and we’ve discovered that Trader Joe’s frozen fish is the best. This is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat protein supper. 

The Worst Trader Joe’s Products

It is our responsibility to advise you not only on what to purchase, but also on what to avoid. Don’t be misled by catchy jargon, mislabeled products, or poor taste. 


Matt, a self-proclaimed sardine connoisseur, has declared the Trader Joe’s Sardines to be inferior, so purchase your sardines elsewhere. Costco is a fantastic location to buy low-cost, high-quality sardines.

Chips of parsnip

These are labeled incorrectly. The packaging claims that parsnips have just 6 grams of carbohydrates per ounce, however this is simply not true. We suggest obtaining your crunch from other sources.

considerThin Bar

This protein bar includes 21 grams of Maltitol, an artificial sweetener that increases blood sugar almost as much as sugar! This bar includes a whopping 21 grams of carbohydrates!

protein bar selection at trader joes is good but many are not keto friendly

Watch our Sweetener Video to discover how zero-calorie sweeteners affect our blood sugar levels. The best choice is still a Quest Bar, which you can learn more about in our complete breakdown of Keto Protein Bars.

Is There a Keto Section at Trader Joe’s?

Although Trader Joe’s does not have a keto department, they do offer a lot of excellent keto-friendly products. Because they don’t have everything sorted into a keto area, understanding what to look for when you’re there is crucial. Use this shopping list to locate all of the finest keto snacks available at Trader Joe’s, and keep an eye out for any new items that may be available.

Is Keto Bread Available at Trader Joe’s?

Unfortunately, they do not carry keto bread, but there is hope that they may do so in the future. Keto bread is already available at Sprouts, Whole Foods, and even Aldi, so Trader Joe’s may follow suit soon.

Is Cauliflower Gnocchi from Trader Joe’s Keto?

Nope. This is something that many newbies to the keto diet are perplexed about. It’s not enough to include cauliflower in a recipe to make it keto-friendly. In addition to wheat-based flours and other high-carb components, cauliflower is often included in these goods. Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi has 16 net carbohydrates per serving, which is not keto friendly.

Is Keto Ice Cream Available at Trader Joe’s?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It’s 2020, and I thought Trader Joe’s would have started selling low-carb ice cream years ago. Trader Joe’s does not sell keto ice cream and does not seem to be planning to do so in the near future.

In 2020, the Best Trader Joe’s Keto Snacks

Trader Joe’s does a fantastic job of maintaining all of our favorite keto items while expanding their already extensive line. Here are our top choices for keto snacks from Trader Joe’s as of 2020:

  1. Packets of Guacamole to Go
  2. Assortment of Antipasto
  3. Everything except the bagel is seasoned with sesame.
  4. Grass-Fed Beef Sticks are chomped.
  5. Cheese Bites Baked in the Oven
  6. Chicken Burgers with Chili and Lime
  7. Trio of Smoked Salmon
  8. Rolloni de Mozzarella
  9. Chunks of Coconut
  10. Pork Belly that has been fully cooked

In the comments area, tell us about your favorite Trader Joe’s products! We’re constantly on the lookout for new snacks and like learning about new companies. 

In conclusion,

Trader Joe’s is different from other grocery shops in that it offers a lot of excellent keto choices that you won’t find anywhere else. We go once a month to stock up on our favorites. These are the things we make sure to get every time we go to Trader Joe’s, in addition to the snacks mentioned above:

  1. Fats & Oils 
  2. Beef Raised on Grass
  3. Nuts & Seeds
  4. Pre-Cooked Meats
  5. Bars for a Keto Diet 
  6. Cheese
  7. Bacon Ends and Pieces 
  8. Keto Snacks That Are Gluten-Free
  9. Organic Spinach, Frozen 
  10. Seafood

The best keto items from Trader Joe's

I’ve never been a huge fan of the keto diet – mostly because I’m not a huge fan of no carbs. As you know, Trader Joe’s is one of the best places to get delicious, inexpensive foods, and that includes keto-friendly foods. I mean, they have everything from fresh produce, to meats, to dairy, to even some of the ingredients you’ll need to make your own keto friendly dishes. But, what if Trader Joe’s went keto?. Read more about trader joe’s keto enchiladas and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trader Joes have anything keto?

Trader Joes does not carry anything keto, but they do have a lot of low carb and keto friendly food.

What can I buy at Trader Joes keto?

Trader Joes keto sells a variety of items, including groceries, frozen foods, and dairy products.

Are Trader Joes cauliflower thins keto?

Trader Joes cauliflower thins are not keto.

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