Spicy Ahi Poke Recipe

If you’re looking for a delicious, low-calorie dish that is also healthy and easy to make, you’ve found it. This recipe for spicy ahi poke features fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar and more.

The spicy ahi poke recipe mayonnaise is a delicious and healthy dish that combines tuna, onion, bell pepper, cilantro, and soy sauce.

Right now, our favorite dish on our food site is this Recipe for Spicy Ahi Poke. It was inspired by our recent vacation to Hawaii, and Matt perfectly recreated the tastes.

It’s fast to prepare on any night of the week and you can use any add-ins you have on hand since there’s no cooking involved. The recipe below is Matt’s favorite re-make, but I would use pine nuts instead of macadamia nuts and salmon instead of tuna! Make it for the entire family by following the instructions below.

Our Newest Obsession Is Hawaiian Poke!

Take our word for it: whether or not you’ve ever gone to Hawaii or eaten excellent poke before, this dish will alter your life. The tastes and sensations alone will have you hooked, but it’s also extremely simple to prepare, so you may have it every day!

It’s a wonderful balance of proteins and fats that will keep you on track without making you feel like you’re cheating.

This keto Spicy Ahi Poke Recipe is inspired by Hawaiian poke, keto-friendly and full of different flavors!

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Which Poke Sauce Do You Prefer?

I had no clue how many distinct kinds of poke there were just based on the sauces. We sampled at least five different types, but our favorites were the hot mayo-based sauce and Shoyu (soy sauce with seaweed).

We like avocado sauce as well, but when you combine it with a spicy sauce and avocado chunks, you get the best of both worlds! Our egg roll in a bowl dish, korean meatballs, and keto sushi are all excellent applications for the sauce recipe below!

This keto Spicy Ahi Poke Recipe is inspired by Hawaiian poke, keto-friendly and full of different flavors!

Recipe for Keto-Friendly Spicy Ahi Poke

My favorite aspects of this dish are how simple it is to prepare and how versatile it is in terms of flavor combinations. Each time you prepare it, you may add extra crunch, fat, or even spice. There are no two poke bowls identical, and the same can be said for this spicy ahi poke dish we’ve created for you!

This keto Spicy Ahi Poke Recipe is inspired by Hawaiian poke, keto-friendly and full of different flavors!

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Recipe for Spicy Ahi Poke

Inspired by a vacation to Hawaii, this creamy, spicy ahi tuna poke bowl!

15-minute total time

1 bowl of soup

734 calories per serving


  • In a medium mixing basin, break up the spring mix leaves into smaller pieces.

  • Combine the tuna, cucumber, avocado, onion, and almonds in a mixing bowl. Remove from the equation.

  • To make the sauce, whisk together all of the ingredients in a small bowl.

  • Toss the salad mixture with tongs and pour the spicy sauce over it.

  • Pour the dressed salad mixture over the big pieces of tofu in the bottom of the poke serving dish.

  • Chop up the seaweed and sprinkle it on top of the dish, along with sesame seeds if desired. Enjoy!

Nutritional Information

Spicy Ahi Poke Recipe

Per Serving Amount (1 bowl)

734 calories 567 calories from fat

daily value in percent*

63 grams of fat (97%)

Carbohydrates account for 15% of the total calories consumed.

20 percent fiber (5 g)

36 g (72%) protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.

Chef’s Specialty: Main Dish


Recipe for spicy ahi poke

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The spicy creamy poke sauce is a delicious recipe that is perfect for an appetizer or as a dip. It also has a low calorie count and it’s easy to make.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is spicy poke sauce made of?

Spicy poke sauce is a type of dipping sauce that is made of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes.

Is Ahi poke healthy?


What is a Hawaiian poke Bowl?

A Hawaiian poke bowl is a traditional dish that consists of cubed raw fish, rice, seaweed salad, and soy sauce.

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