Lose weight by lifting weights

weight loss with weight training

If you are concerned with your increasing weight then might it be possible that you can get rid of it. Surprising! But now it can be possible, may be you have tried many techniques by left eating more and doing dieting etc. No need to decrease food eating but try weight lifting techniques you will see best results. This is a best way to lose weight by lifting weights as it serves the main purpose without giving any drawback of any type. The authorities of the different gyms highly recommend…

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Is It Better to Run or Pump Iron for Weight Loss?

bumb bells

A common dilemma for any rank beginner who wants to lose weight in conjunction with an exercise program is knowing what kind of exercise to embark upon. Although the choices are virtually endless, for the purposes of this article we will be focusing on the differences between two of the most common choices – running and weight training – and how they both purport to the process of weight reduction. Cardio training Running is a form of exercise that falls into the ‘cardio’ category – i.e. continuous activity, performed without…

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