The Atkins Diet: The Way Of The Future?

Celebrities have endorsed every diet known to man, but one of the most popular and
exciting is the Atkins diet. The main goal of this diet is for people to lose weight and to
eat fewer carbs. It was brought into existence almost 50 years ago, but it’s still popular
all around the world. For all of the positive attributes, this diet has, however, there is
one flaw. Doctors go back and forth on this diet because many believe that it isn’t safe,
and more studies need to be done while other doctors believe that this diet may have
benefits as well. All of the doctors have been able to agree on one solid fact, though.
Don’t do anything without talking to your doctor first. Pregnant women should stay
away from this entirely or if your doctor gives you the green light, only with their utmost
Like with anything else, not everyone’s body is going to respond to this the same way,
and Atkins emphasizes making sure that you can find a good match for your metabolism
and your body. It is believed that weight loss is closely related to carbs and how they
relate to your body. The way your body fuels energy happens in a few different ways but
a low carb diet, you are not using the carbs for fuel, you are using fat. This approach is
said to be able to leave your body feeling fueled but still able to lose weight. Another
benefit is that it is said that you feel full for a more extended period, and you will
experience less craving and hunger as a result.

There are three types of diets with Atkins, and they are the following.

Atkins20-This is for if you want to lose more than forty pounds and if you are diabetic or
prediabetic. You will follow the carb ladder, and there is a food plan that you can follow
to make sure you are doing this in the right way.
Atkins40-This is for if you have less than forty pounds to lose, and you want to be less
restricted. The food plan is similar, and you get a wider variety of what you can eat.
Atkins100-If you want to maintain your current weight, this is the one you need. You get
a great variety of foods to eat and minimum restrictions. Like the others, it offers a food
plan as well.
This diet also stands out from others because it’s easily accessible. There are always
coupons and new products being put out as well as encouragement to try this diet is
everywhere, and the prices are reasonable. That makes the diet more friendly to
everyone. When you start, there are four phases to complete to make this diet
● The induction phase
● The balancing phase
● The fine-tuning phase
● The maintenance phase
There are lovely foods that you can eat on this diet, but there are just as many that you
can’t eat. When you want to try this diet for yourself, you are going to have to avoid
these foods.
● High carb fruits and vegetables
● Grains
● Sugar
● Vegetable oils (this includes canola, cottonseed, soybean, and a half dozen others)
● Foods that are labeled as diet foods or low-fat foods.
● Legumes
● Starches

A point to understand, however, is that some of these foods only need to be avoided in
particular phases. If you have food restrictions in place already, such as being a vegan or
vegetarian, this is still possible, but it’s worth mentioning that it is a lot more
complicated. There are even great ways to maintain this diet if you go out to eat. This
makes the Atkins diet set itself apart from others. You can find the food you need
anywhere or make choices that fit with your diet, so you don’t have to give up the things
you enjoy.
Exercise is essential to health, and while they say that you don’t need to do this on the
Atkins, it’s still necessary to get yourself moving. A half-hour of exercise a day is
recommended by most doctors and talking to yours can determine what activities will be
safe for you to do for your health.
The last thing you should know about this diet is that while it claims that you don’t need
to worry about portion control, you do need to watch what you eat and make sure that
you are tracking the macros carefully (you need to make sure that you’re counting your
carbs so that you don’t have too many).
When you think of this diet and consider whether it is going to be the right diet for you,
you could also consider that health professionals claim that it can help with
cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as metabolic syndrome and high blood
pressure, but there are risks as well. You can get dizzy and weak, experience horrible

headaches and constipation as well as feeling fatigued. Consider carefully if Atkins is
going to be what you need to adopt for yourself and your life.

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