The Ketogenic Diet: Friend Or Foe?

Many diets have been attracting attention today, but none like the Ketogenic diet. An
interesting thing to note about this diet, however, is that it is not used for weight loss. At
least not initially. For the past hundred years, it has been used as a way to treat epilepsy.
This diet, unfortunately, is very temperamental, and as such, it is only done for this
purpose with the utmost and the strictest doctor supervision. The ketogenic diet is
designed to release ketones in your bloodstream. Many of the cells in your body prefer
to use blood sugar, which it gets from carbohydrates as your body’s primary source of
energy. What this means is that the basic premise of the ketogenic diet is to put your
body in a state known as ketosis. When you reach the state of ketosis, it is believed that
more of your cells will use those ketone bodies for generating energy until you eat carbs
again. Each and every person is different, so this works differently in everybody. That
fact is particularly true if you have existing health issues.
There is a warning that everyone should be aware of when it is regarding the Ketogenic
diet, and that is that this is a diet that is not considered to be safe. Doctors from
practices from every location and the most prestigious hospitals in the world all say that
this is not a diet that should be attempted without doctor supervision at all times, and it
should not be tried for longer than six months. The Ketogenic diet is a diet that was only
put in place in the first place to be able to help people in the most extreme situations,
and even despite those situations, it is not supposed to be a long term diet. Another
issue with this diet is that it has been proven to put certain people into a state called
ketoacidosis, which can be fatal. That statement is especially true in people who have
diabetes. Other problems that it can exacerbate are the following.

● Kidney disease
● Sleep problems
● Vomiting
● Constipation
● Stomach and digestive issues

Another problem with this diet is the emphasis on processed foods and red meat.
Doctors have said that pregnant women should avoid this diet entirely for their safety
and their child’s safety as well. You should also neer to start this diet without a doctor’s
approval if you have obesity, heart disease, or issues with your heart, cancer, diabetes,
kidney disease or problems, epilepsy or high blood pressure.
With that warning in mind, this diet focuses on healthy fats and protein rather than
carbs. There are four different ways to do this diet, and they are the high protein diet,
the natural form for this diet, a cyclical diet, and a targeted diet. The basic diet is the

most popular, and it lets you have 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. If you choose to
do the high protein diet, your protein will go to 35%, and your fat will go down to 60%.
The targeted diet lets you eat the carbs that you want but only around workouts, and the
last diet is based upon a system known as refeeding. What this means is that you have
periods of carb refeeds that can be higher. The process usually looks like this. You have
five days of the diet and then two high carb days.

It is worth noting that the only two diets that have been studied thoroughly are the high
protein diet and the basic diet. The other two diets are more intense. The only people
who genuinely use them are athletes or bodybuilders though it’s still not recommended
because more study needs to be done.
This type of diet believes that it is an excellent way not only to lose weight but also to
help lower your risk factors for disease and health issues. Another reason people like it
is because this diet promises that you don’t have to count your food intake, but that is

false. The ketogenic diet makes you keep track extremely carefully because if you don’t,
you will throw yourself out of balance. It also claims to be able to help those
experiencing the following issues.
● Alzheimer’s disease
● Heart disease
● Cancer
● Diabetes
Of course, more tests need to be done to be fully conclusive.

There are many different foods that you will find that you can eat on this diet, but there
are just as many that you won’t be able to eat anymore. Knowing what you can’t eat is
the first step to being able to do this successfully. Anything that has carbs in a higher
amount is now on your no list. An example would be things like these.
● Beans and legumes
● Alcohol
● Starches
● Sugary foods
● Fruits- in this case, you will be eliminating over 80% of fruits (berries are still
available to you, however)
● Sauces
● Condiments

● Items that are made for dieting
Once these foods are off your plate, you can do this diet much more safely and
effectively. One issue remains, however, and that is how you will exercise. Because your
body is already being put through so much, your routine has to change so you don’t hurt
yourself. Your body is not using carbs for energy and fuel anymore. With this diet, you
are using the fat for fuel. Fat isn’t able to give you the same energy burst that you need
for exercises like carbs can do. Many feel too tired to work out at all.

High-intensity workouts like weightlifting and things of that nature will be much more
difficult but not impossible. The best thing that you can do is have your doctor’s
supervision at all times and follow their plan, as well as gaining a nutritionist and
trainer. They can make sure you are as safe as possible and not harming yourself
accidentally. Both hiking and biking are considered to be alright for this diet, but if you
are someone who loves working out, this may not be for you as even the targeted diet
and cyclical diet tend to feel still worn out. Three key things to remember here are that
if your body is telling you to stop, then you shouldn’t keep pushing yourself. Listen to
your internal system and take care of yourself in the proper manner. Eat the proper
amount and if your body is telling you something pay attention.
So the thing you have to ask yourself now is whether or not you believe this diet is a
good idea for you or if it’s something that you should reconsider. Many believe that this
diet can bring wonderful things to you, while just as many have experienced other
results. Only you know your body and if adopting the Ketogenic lifestyle is right for you.

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