Tom Kerridge on his weight loss

Tom Kerridge weight loss diet


Tom Kerridge has lost weight by following a low carbohydrate diet, but admits: “I’m still a big guy.”

In an extract from his new book, Dopamine Diet, he reveals how he shed 17.5kg in just over six months.

It includes eliminating carbs like bread, pasta and potatoes from his diet. So how did he cope with the change? Kerridge said: “The very first thing I noticed was that my body didn’t feel bloated anymore – it felt tight and toned.” It’s not only been good for his waistline; it’s also helped him to improve physically too. He continued: “Because the diet involves lifting weights three times a week, it has had added benefits of increasing my metabolism as well as bulking up muscles.

Tom kerridge on his weight loss journey 


Tom kerridge had been overweight for years and was struggling with his weight for years. He was constantly frustrated with his inability to lose it despite following exercise and diet regimes. “I’ve always had a high metabolism, which meant that even when I lost weight, within weeks it would come back on again.” He said: “Working out at the gym has never appealed to me – so this has seemed like an ideal alternative as you get results without having to leave home. I’ve been doing more conventional workouts too but have combined them with my own version of the Slow Carb Diet . It really is designed for everyone from elite athletes to busy working men and women who just want great results in just over six months.

“The very first thing I noticed was that my body didn’t feel bloated anymore – it felt tight and toned.”

tom kerridge weight loss

Tom kerridge on how he lost weight


He told today how he shed the pounds by keeping his carbohydrate intake low to avoid fat forming in his body. He explained: “Food that is high in carbohydrates instantly breaks down into sugar once it enters the body so if you consume too many of them, your body will store these carbs as fat. “Slow carb diet allows you to lose weight without lifting a finger.” Don’t confuse this with other fad diets because  this one is spread out over six months and doesn’t require hours or even minutes per day exercise. 

Please try this diet program and see results for yourself. I have tried it myself and was amazed by what happened next! You don’t need to buy any expensive foods or products either since your everyday meals much happier after losing the excess weight.

Tom kerridge on his new healthy lifestyle includes going to the gym regularly, eating well and getting enough sleep


He always eats breakfast, snacks and lunch. A typical example of his diet is an omelette with spinach, feta cheese salad. With a glass of red wine he has plenty of greens with chicken breast, bacon and chilli sauce. Snacks are fruits like plums or oranges, about 10 or so grapes or carrot sticks for the rest or yogurt. Dinner is mainly leftovers from the previous days dinner with pasta cooked in water flavored light cream with gorgonzola cheese on top then steamed vegetables(mainly broccoli) and fillet steak cut into small pieces. Other foods include sweet potatoes grilled until they are almost soft then sprinkled over cheddar on toast.


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