Top 10 Whole Foods Keto Buys – The Good And Bad

If you’re looking to take your Keto diet to the next level, you might be wondering what the best whole foods to buy are. And after a bit of research, you might be surprised by what you find. For example, not all high-quality, high-fat meats are actually keto-friendly, and the same goes for the veggies. In this article, we’ll look at the best whole foods to buy when you’re on the Keto diet, helping you get the most bang for your buck.

When it comes to keto and whole foods, the products are often (and rightfully) considered for their quality, calories, and how they taste. But, there is another aspect of their consumption worth considering – how they impact our body and our health.

Certain foods are allowed on the Ketogenic diet, and some are not. Below, we rate the basics of keto, and the best foods to buy.. Read more about keto whole foods shopping list and let us know what you think.

Whole Foods Market claims to be America’s Healthiest Grocery Store, which is true, but a healthy keto diet can be readily achieved by shopping at any conventional grocery store. You can feel good about what you put in your shopping cart if you utilize a basic keto grocery shopping list like ours.

We shop at Whole Foods for items that we can’t get anywhere else. If you’re seeking for a unique item, they’re likely to have it on hand. Some of these items are pricy, but if you’re looking to splurge on some high-quality goods, Whole Foods is a terrific place to go.  

We’re going to share our Top 10 Favorite Whole Foods Buys with you, as well as how to avoid being duped by marketing claims. Always read the label, then continue reading for a list of Whole Foods products to avoid.  


The Top 10 Whole Foods Store Purchases

1. Bone Marrow

Pick up a bag of frozen bones in various shapes and sizes. They’re grass-fed, which makes them ideal for bone broth. Try our Bone Broth in an Instant Pot recipe!  



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2. Fish that has been frozen

Come to Whole Foods if you’re willing to spend a premium for excellent fish. The skin-on Atlantic Salmon Fillets are a favorite of ours. The extra omega 3s are worth the extra cost.


3. Gut Shots of Farmhouse Culture

Although kombucha is quite popular in the health and wellness community, we choose a gut probiotic that contains less sugar. You can drink a few shots each day because each shot contains 100 billion probiotics and 1 gram of carbohydrates.


4. Noodles made with Kelp

These low-carb noodles have a crunchier texture, making them an excellent choice for a cold Asian salad. You may eat noodles again with only two grams of net carbohydrates per dish.


Sunja’s Kimchi is number five.

We eat a small amount of kimchi every day, and this is our favorite brand because of its crunch and flavor. Take a look at some of the health benefits of fermented foods. 


Chicken Livers, No. 6

If you don’t consume a lot of vegetables, adding organ meats like organic chicken livers to your diet will help you obtain more Vitamin A and other nutrients. This brand provides 800% of your daily Vitamin A need!


Mayonnaise from the Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen’s goods are made without hazardous vegetable oils, which can be difficult to come by. Megha’s favorite is the Chipotle Lime Mayo, which she uses virtually every day in her egg salad.


Keto Crackers (nine)

Whole Foods carries a wide variety of keto crackers. Moon Cheese and Parm Crisps are composed entirely of cheese, and Flackers are also available. At home, we like to prepare our own Flax Cracker and Parmesan Crisp recipes. 


Marinara Sauce (nine) 

Victoria Vegan is a delicious low-carb marinara sauce that is suitable for vegans. Because Rao’s Sauces have the lowest carb count, we prefer to utilize them in a number of our pizza recipes.  


10. Zevia

We’ve never seen a store with such a large range of Zevia sodas as Whole Foods. Zevia is a zero-calorie soda that is sweetened with Stevia and does not include any artificial colors. Strawberry is our favorite flavor! Use their products in one of our cocktail recipes, or buy the Cola-flavored Zevia to make our Homemade Beef Jerky. 


We Love More Whole Foods Products

Although these foods did not make our Top 10 Whole Foods List, we highly suggest them and are confident that you will like them! Who doesn’t enjoy the Hot Bar at Whole Foods? 

The Hot Bar is a bar that serves hot drinks.

Whole Foods’ Hot Bar is an excellent option for a quick keto lunch. The food is of exceptional quality, and all of the components are specified on the label, eliminating the need for guesswork.  


Sport Hydrator by Vega 

We’re frequently asked how we obtain our daily electrolytes, and here is how we do it! We simply mix it with cold water for a carb-free magnesium and potassium boost. 


Counter for Smoked Meat

Because not every Whole Foods has a smoked meat counter, check online before you go! 

Counter for Butchers

Here you’ll discover some truly unique meat cuts, and the butchers are known for being extremely helpful when it comes to deciding which meat to buy and how to prepare it.

Selection of Coffee 

You know how much we love our bulletproof coffee, and discovering a tasty coffee may elevate our morning cup to new heights. Whole Foods has a great coffee section, which we highly suggest. 

Cheese that has been left uncooked

When we can, we try to buy raw cheese because it has a richer flavor, more nutrients, and is simpler to digest. 

What to Stay Away From at Whole Foods

Paleo Bread, Frozen

You don’t need to spend $12 on a single frozen loaf of bread. Yes, it’s keto-friendly, but it’s not at all budget-friendly. We have a number of bread recipes that you can prepare at home for a fraction of the cost. 

Bulletproof Drinks and Bars

It’s not keto or healthy just because it says “bulletproof.” To find out what’s truly inside these bars and coffee beverages, read the labels. These items include a lot of carbs and aren’t manufactured with the greatest components. 

Sweets with Intelligence 

These sweets may be called low-carb, but that’s only because they’re packed with a variety of fibers and unusual substances. These are something we would never buy. 

Protein Powder from Bone Broth

We can’t justify paying such a high price for such a refined product. Just sip bone broth and eat to obtain your protein. 

In conclusion

We only shop at Whole Foods when we need a specific item, despite the fact that it is the self-proclaimed healthiest grocery store in America. Although quality comes at a cost, we conduct the most of our grocery shopping at a more budget-friendly supermarket store. This is a list of the top ten Whole Foods items that we purchase. Always read the labels to be sure what you’re buying doesn’t have an allergen.

1. Bone Marrow

2. Fish that has been frozen

3. Guy Shots of Farmhouse Culture

4. Noodles made with Kelp

Sunja’s Kimchi is number five.

Chicken Livers, No. 6

Mayonnaise from the Primal Kitchen

Keto Crackers (nine)

Marinara Sauce (nine)

10. Zevia

We’ve also added a few more items that we think you’ll enjoy! There are also some products to stay away from.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Whole Foods items are! Where should we go for our next shopping trip? We’re on the lookout for ideas! 


Instead of just telling you everything about the ketogenic diet, I will let you experience it first hand and then share with you the good and the bad in order to help you make the best decision. I will also be sharing the list of the top 10 keto foods you can buy from Amazon. These are keto foods that you should buy to get started on the diet.. Read more about trader joe’s or whole foods for keto and let us know what you think.

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