Whitney Thore first went viral in 2014 when her video “ A Fat Girl Dancing” uploaded on 107.5 KZL’s YouTube channel where she was the on-air producer of the radio show Jared and Katie. The video which quickly had hundreds and thousands of views helped Whitney to promote her message of body acceptance and positive body image. Her message resonated across thousands of fans, she became a crowd favourite and was applauded for being herself and loving her body the way it was. She was even featured on major news outlets such as ABC News, NBC’s Today Show and The Huffington Post. She was then cast in the popular television show on TLC called the My Big Fat Fabulous life which documented her life and her mission to lose weight , it was first aired in the beginning of January 2015.

As a flag bearer of the message of “no body shaming” she created her own website and frequently uploaded blogs in which interacts with people with similar body positivity enthusiasts and people who believed in “all sizes are beautiful”. It helped a lot of women, insecure about their body figure get together on a common space and help each other out and be a source of good energy and support to one another.
In May 2016, Whitney Thore released her memoir, I Do It with the Lights On: And 10 More Discoveries on the Road to a Blissfully Shame-Free Life.


What made Whitney Thore want to lose weight?

When Whitney started her journey with My Big Fat Fabulous life she wanted to use the platform to help people in their pursuit of weight loss, by sharing the process of her losing weight in real time so that it would inspire someone who is in a similar situation and looking for that ‘push’ to kick start their fitness journey.

Whitney on posting on her social media accounts was bombarded with questions about her newfound exercise and fitness love. Whitney, who wanted to give back to her followers and people who are of similar size went ahead and collaborated with a personal trainer Ryan Andreas to come up with the No BS Active- a program with daily online workouts which is just 24 minutes long at that to at 20$, which people can follow in their homes and doesn’t require any special equipment. Whitney was aware of how it is not practically possible for everyone to afford a personal trainer, hence she hoped that her small initiative would help the big-sized people overcome their insecurities and worries about their weight and work it out from the comforts of their home.

Further Whitney adds that, “What I’ve heard a lot from people is that they want representation, because there are fat people everywhere, and there are fat people who exercise everywhere. I’m not an anomaly,” she says. “People are getting really excited that there is a workout program that features someone who looks like them and is probably a lot bigger than them, actually. That’s something that Ryan and I really worked on together, which is how to offer modifications for every single thing. We even have modifications for if you need to be seated and can’t get onto the floor. That was really excluding to a lot of beginners and overweight people.”

According to her ,too many mainstream fitness programs don’t represent fat bodies or those with limited physical abilities — and her mission is to change that.
Her previous experience with gyms wasn’t really a pleasant one , she thinks fat people who go to gyms are made to focus solely on the weight loss part of it and not on the health part of it and the whole “feel good” factor.

In her interview to PEOPLE, Whitney Thore talks about how her mind set about gyms and fitness changed over time: “When I finally got back in the gym about 8 months ago I started working with Jessica Powell, who is the daughter of my old trainer, and I just talked to her. I said that I don’t want to focus on weight loss, I don’t want to weigh myself, I just want to get in here and move,” she says. “And for the first time in my entire life, I’ve actually lost weight without trying, which is pretty wild, because that’s never happened to me ever. 

Now I work out for the sake of working out. I work out because it makes me feel good. It’s literally changed my entire life, and that’s the message I want people to know. You can be active and there’s so many more benefits other than losing weight.”

She claims that the NO BS ACTIVE fitness programme offers something completely different compared to other marketed fitness packages. She told PEOPLE. “People are getting really excited that there is a workout program that features someone who looks like them and is probably a lot bigger than them, actually.”

Thore says that this program she co-created with Andreas had a lot of modifications and is something that can easily picked up by a beginner who has never before set foot into a gym or is a complete newbie to the fitness world. In case you aren’t able to get one exercise right or if your body isn’t exactly compatible with that, this program also offers alternatives, which suits every body type.

Did Whitney undergo weight loss surgery?


In one of the episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, had mentioned something along the lines of thinking about getting herself operated in order to reduce weight. But later Whitney had not further discussed on the topic, so we are not very sure if she did undergo the surgery or was she just giving it a thought.

So we are to believe that Whitney lost about 70 pounds from 380 pounds through her fitness programme.

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